Writing practice college resume. Last paragraph is how i would be useful to a college.?

I need to write bout a challenge in my life and how that challenge will make me useful to a college. Heres what i got:I was doing quite well in my ninth grade English class, so my English teacher decided to recommend me to an honors English course. So I thought about it over night knowing that an honors course will be much more difficult than any other course I had taken before. Knowing that I will need to take more advance classes in the future anyways, because a university is rarely going to accept any student who has never challenge themselves, I decided to sign up for an English honors class. I have never have any honors courses in school before and knowing that I will need to have more than just non-honors course in my high school year. I decide to start by going to an English honors course in the tenth grade and it is definitely much more difficult than a non-honors English course. The week starts off by recapping on some of the books that require reading in the summer. I learn a lot about writing an essay as well as about a book’s theme. I also learn a lot about analyzing a book beyond just the storyline. Within the first week, the class begins on an essay about one of the books that are requiring to be read in the summer. Before, the only thing I know about writing an essay is summarizing a storyline and maybe conjuring up a theme or moral. But in this class, it is completely different. The essays involve a huge amount of thinking about the author’s intention of the book and the theme as well as relating all the elements of the book in one common theme. Although my first honors essay did not come out so well, I am able to learn from my mistake. A bad grade on a first essay is not something to loathe around about, but to learn from. As months pass by and more essays are being assigned, I learn more and more about writing a good essay and use my past essays as examples of what I have done wrong and what I must do to improve. Pretty soon I become much better in writing an essay than ever. I always know that everything in school as well as life in general only becomes more and more challenging as I move on towards the future. But although the future will become more challenging, I know my perseverance will always pull me through those challenges and I will gain more knowledge from the mistakes I make. Even though I realize how much there is of a difference between an honors course and a non-honors course, I did not become demoralize to stop taking this honors course for the following year. Instead, it is quite the opposite. I will challenge myself even further by taking even more advance courses in the following year. In fact I will make sure that each year of school that I attend from now on will be more challenging than the year before. I will do this because life is about moving forward in order to accept more challenges and without those challenges, I will learn nothing and gain nothing.

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