Hi.. I am Italian Girl.. Can you help me?

Hì, I'M iTALIan Girl.. and.. i want ask one help... Pleasee.. THIS IS THE TEXT IN ENGLISH. I should make a summary help me?The term renaissance literally, the rebirth of learning was used to indicate the great flowering of the arts and the sciences, togheter with changes un values and in religious and philosophical thought.- The term renaissance indicates _____________ hUMANIS was the movement which represented the desire to recover the study of roman and greek literature and culture, in particular the works of Cicero Aristotle and plato. iTALY had know this movement- which had influenced Italian Literature long before it reached England.Instead of considering man as a corrupt and sinful creature, human values and experience were higly considered. Among the many humanist the most influential was Erasmus of Rotterdam. His most famous work praise of folly written in latin is a delightful satire aimed at the element of superstition in religion and empty ritualism.- Humanis means...?-Erasmus was...? Utopia is thomas more's most famous work. it was first written in latin in 1516 and traslated into english by bobinson in 1551, Its structure is an essay divided into 2books, and it concerns a society which has reached an ideal state in which there is no private property, women and men have an equal right to be educated, war is only for defence and there is a complete tolerance of religiuos differnce more0s aim was to criticise english society, with its corruption and injustice by comparing it to the ideal state.

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  1. radiature says:

    - The term Renaissance indicates the rebirth of the arts and science (after The Dark Ages)- HumanisM means…? The Revaluation of Man, his values and experiences, and the recovery of classical languages(Greek and Latin);-Erasmus was the most influential humanist;-Thomas More’s Utopia was the depiction of a never-to-be world and society.

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    basically means – we love cornettos

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    Renaissance is a French word that means rebirth. “The Renaissance” is used to describe the period of scientific and cultural advancement after the late-middle ages.Renaissance humanism was an activity of cultural and educational reform engaged by scholars, writers, and civic leaders who are today known as humanists.Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam, was a Dutch Renaissance humanist,