How important are job application essay?

Very important. Knowing how to write application essays well will help you for the rest of your life. Want to get a job? Get money for school? Apply for a grant to start a business? Go to the university of your choice? You need to know how to write these things. Granted, not every employer will ask for an essay, but if they did and you really needed the job, how well would you be able to write one?Also, even if you're not looking for work right now, having one in a folder somewhere will really come in handy in the future. If you already have a "back-up" essay, then its there when you need it. You can just update the content and edit it to fit the job you're applying for and you can have it ready within the hour. A prompt response to a request for an essay can earn you bonus points with whatever company you turn it in to.

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  1. supercedes says:

    Depends on the job and the company.If the job involves a good deal of writing (notice I did not say a bunch or a lot) then the interviewer will use the essay to evaluate your fluency and techincal abiltiy.The interviewer may use it to understand if you could speak to customers in standard English. You might use slang and street lingo in the interview, but if you use slang in your writng he may assume you cannot use standard English at all. This might not up a favorable image of the company to the customerFianlly ability to write is a indicator of your educational success and intelligence. The decision to hire might take these into account.The neatness of your handwriting may be important to the employer.If the job is sweeping floors, I would not worry too much.