Is it really bad to skip a class in college?

I have two test this week, and I have been studying for them so it's not last minute. But for my history class, my professor assigns a blind essay for half of the test's grade. You have tow days to prepare and write the essay and turn it in on the test day. The first essay I did an excellent job, it was coherent and concise. However, I have a lot of stress right now especially because of family, and can't think straight while doing this essay. I can skip the class on test day and take it on make up day. BUT, the class is in between two other classes I intend to attend. What should I do? I also need to make a really good grade on this test.

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4 Answers to “Is it really bad to skip a class in college?”

  1. immunist says:

    If you miss a test day with an unexcused absence, you’re f*cked. I don’t know if the professor takes attendance or not, but he’ll know you were gone when you’re not there to turn in your exam. Make-up tests are usually only allowed if you missed class for a legitimate reason.

  2. Ges says:

    I stopped going to one class except for exam days. When I did go I fell asleep so decided I wasn’t getting much so I stopped going. I didn’t think it was a big deal to skip. Now to your question, I don’t think the prof will know you did go to the other classes. I would do what you can on the essay and turn it in.

  3. bepierce says:

    I haven’t been to a lecture in two months and skip at least 2-3 classes a week, purely because I can’t be arsed. Don’t know about America but in the UK as long as they get your fees they couldn’t care less.

  4. hepatostomy says:

    Try to get away from all distractions, usually the quiet study room of a library is a good place to remain focused. I would try my hardest to get the essay done when it is due and avoid all of the potential conflicts of the make-up. To answer your question good attendance can only help you. Good luck!