Please read and edit my college admission essay?

500 word limit "Although there may be tragedy in your life, there's always a possibility to triumph. It doesn't matter who you are, where you come from. The ability to triumph begins with you. Always"-Oprah As a young child, I was raped by my step grandfather. It is hard for me to write and talk about this experience because whenever I try my eyes water. But I know must talk about it in order to heal. I cannot recall the exact details about what happened or how it started. Maybe it’s because I want so badly to forget what happened that night. I have been struggling through this alone and nobody has been by my side except for my mother. It hurt when my own flesh and blood didn’t believe in me when I told them about it. It was my mother and I against my whole entire family and they called us liars and said that we were going to hell. Eventually they found out the truth, that I was raped, and they apologized to me. I have been forgiving them but I will never forget. Since my mother is a single parent, it has always just been her and I against the world. She has always had my back when no one else did. I love her deeply and would do anything in the world for her. But since she has been terminated from her job; she has been physically and psychological abusive to me. We have been through many tough situations, such as being homeless and not having food in our refrigerator. And I feel like I am my mother’s personal punching bag because every time something goes wrong she takes her anger out on me. The physical abuse, for me, only last a few minute or hours but the pain and scars eventually go away. The verbal abuse leaves no visible scars and each day I deal with the pain. The words have been embedded in my brain and I actually started to believe what she tells me. Like "You are ugly", "I wish that you were never born" and many other vulgar, heart-breaking words and phrases. This verbal abuse has done a lot of damage to my self-esteem. Sometimes I feel like I am nothing and nothing I do is good enough. And many days and nights I have contemplated suicide. My mother has even told me that I should get it over with and kill myself. Coming from the person who has had my back really hurts because we have been through so many things together. Now I feel like I’m a big burden and no one will care if I commit suicide. I won’t commit suicide because I’m too optimistic about my future. Another reason why I refuse to commit suicide I know there are people that are going through tougher situations than me and are enduring it. And although my mother told me I should do it, I know that she would be affected by my death. Because I’m the only person she has. I look forward to becoming a social worker so I can be the person children come to when they have a problem so that don’t see suicide as their only option.

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  1. Diadochi says:

    Well, I am going to give you advice that is given to everyone who has been abused. Do you have anyone in your extended family that is strong enough and committed enough to offer you a safe haven? Your situation is such that you need to report this to the county social welfare office. Look it up in the phone book and do it. Do it many, many times until they will help you. Do not share this information. I think that you should appeal to the county social welfare office. Look up the phone number for the abuse and neglect of children. One other option is to pack up what you need, Your books assignments and other things, then leave the house quickly and seek help from a shelter for abused families. Then, they will report it for you. Please do this because if you don’t do it, something worse will happen. You have got to save yourself to save your mother. Good luck.