Please stop being ignorant when answering my question.If people don’t want to answered just pass.?

My question on my essay was Should a 'good "police officer obey her orders.I have to explain and get to the point.I ask your point view but not being rude. If too much ask don't answered. If i need to add more detail it only can be 500 to 1000 word essay.pls let me know and keep your negativity for your self. It is obvious that a good police officer should obey her orders because it is a part of their duties. A police officer upholds the law and should obey the law if they take an oath and also because it is a part of an organization and they should obey their senior whose as the responsibility and experience.Law enforcement officers are supposed to serve and to protect the life off the people around them, they are assigned to protect our society or communities at large. Cops are mandated by the statutes law and regulations that are created by government by protecting people lives and property. A police officer should always to apply common sense and use his training in order to be an effective officer. Without moral or ethical values it will be impossible for an officer to conduct themselves appropriately in order to obey the law of the country. They should also have the moral and ethical values knowing that no matter where you are or who you are as an enforcer of the law or regulation. Police officers who abide by his or her instruction as a capacity for being consistently loyal or faithful, or severe in maintaining discipline and honest or truthful are a part of what the community and society expect of a cop as to have order to trust and obey. Somehow most cases a good police officer will lose his or her life. An example of how it could affect when an officer refuse to obey her orders .According to the news in New York City, a police officer disobeys his duties, when he refuse to arrest a homeless man who was sleeping in a private garage. The cop disagreed with the zero tolerance policy and chooses not to obey as told. As a result, he was later discharged from his job. All member of that police force are trained to execute in a certain order and to set an example for society that nobody is above the law and also to create orders.For example, Michael Sweet die during a botched robbery in the early hours of march 14, 1980 (Toronto Star) then there is Const. Vu Pham was shot on Monday morning during a gun battle while on duty nears Winthrop, Ont, and they are more police officer who lose their lives in doing their duties leaving family member behind. In conclusion when a police officer obeys her orders to uphold the law it is by all meaning even sometime by losing their life for the protection of the society that they serve for.QUOTES: No man is above the law and no man is below it: nor do we ask any man's permission when we ask him to obey it. -Theodore RooseveltLaw, by definition, cannot obey the same rules as nature. -Albert Camus

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    The reason people are not here to critic an essay but to answer questions and are being ignorant to show they have no interest in helping you and are giving you rubbish answers because they are only wanting to get the two points for an answer.I would suggest you follow Yahoo’s guidelines when asking questions and to keep them concise.That way you will need to ask more question, but more users will reply to them.Most of all categorize them correctly, often Yahoo will not suggest what might be the best category for your Q to be posted.

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    I can see no fault in what you have written. When you write the conclusion put in a space as if a separate paragraph. Put spaces between paragraphs.I’m not sure about using the word “Cops”, though.Encase quotes with “quote marks”