Writing A Persuasive Essay On..WHY TEENS SHOULDN’T VOTE. Please Help. ?

I have a speech due tomorrow. On why teens shouldn't vote.Please If you could tell me reasons on why you shouldn't vote, I would appreciate it very much. Some of my friends say that if i am old enough to drive and half a job then i should be old enough to vote and have my voice heard. What do you think about that?Thank You.

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5 Answers to “Writing A Persuasive Essay On..WHY TEENS SHOULDN’T VOTE. Please Help. ?”

  1. frontispiece says:

    hmm. I would talk about how most teens talks about politics without actually knowing what they’re talking about. Teens are known for not being very knowledgeable about politics, so adults aren’t going to want them voting unless they have enough intelligence in the subject. Also, teens are known to vote for whom is most popular among teens, or simply who their parents are voting for.hopefully this helped a little..?

  2. rephosphorization says:

    Many teens tend to just base their opinions on their parents opinions instead of making an informed decision.They tend to believe false information/smears and not do their own research.A large percentage of teens are apathetic when it comes to politics.A large percentage of teens consider voting a joke and simply vote for someone because it is funny [for example, Nader] or because they think the candidate’s name is cool.Many teens are informed and interested, but they form a small minority of their age group.I wish I could vote :[ I’m 17 so I can’t.

  3. VxWorks says:

    Start by saying that the 13-17s shouldn’t vote because it would be illegal if they did and you have only 18 and 19 to think of now!

  4. briskest says:

    This won’t help much, but the way I see i, if you are old enough to have an opinion, you should be old enough to vote. Your voice shuld be heard, this will be the leader of OUR country! We deserve for every voice, big or small, to be heard.

  5. macdump says:

    Well, you can take a quote from a 17 year old at my high school who said she wasn’t voting Obama because his middle name is Husein.