Do Modern History essays differ from writing normal essays?

I promised to help my friends sister write an essay cause I'm cute, but then she said it was for Modern History about the French Revolution? I didn't pay attention much in history so I never did a history essay. If the question is "Examine the causes of the French Revolution" (not technically a question but okay) can it be written just like an English essay?

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2 Answers to “Do Modern History essays differ from writing normal essays?”

  1. nonsensicalness says:

    Writing a good essay is an art form – the subject matter in immaterial. The art comes in planning the essay, then plugging in the the information. Too short – nobody reads it. Too long – nobody reads it.

  2. oxytonical says:

    In a History paper you need to make an argument, and defend it with historical analysis. that’s what a history paper is. HOWEVER, im guessing by the prompt that this is probably a high school class? if so you can probably get away with simply discussing the causes of the French Revolution as explained in lecture and the readings for the class, so long as it’s properly structured