How to structure Sociology essay?

Hey,I was wondering how to structure a Sociology essay for power and politics?Say the question was 'assess the Functionalist view of power' would it be better to list all the Functionalists beliefs in one paragraph and then evaluate it in a separate paragraph?Or would it be better to have one paragraph saying they believe it's democratic and then give an example and evaluate. Then a paragraph saying it's achieved through meritocracy and then example and then evaluate etc.Which one would be a better structure?

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    In essays I always use this paragraph structure:Point -> Evidence (quotes etc) -> Counter argument (e.g. contrast with marxism) -> Explain.I use this for university level essays, not sure what level your essay is, but it’s good practice to start using it, whatever your current level of education. If I were doing this essay, I’d have one power relation per paragraph to keep it focused. Hope this helps