Why would guns be a good item to have?

its a part of pros and cons of gun control. im also writing a essay on this

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  1. franciscans says:

    The more guns people have the safer they are from the criminals. That’s why our gun crime is so low where i live. EVERYONE knows everyone else has a gun.

  2. shammosim says:

    Protection is the key stand point. Areas with open carry laws or it is known fact that people can shoot the trespasser and ask questions later crime is low. Protection only comes with commitment(in that the person has to commit to shooting the criminal) and proper training( what to do when the weapon malfunctions and how to safely, readily, easily to aim, shoot, and reload ammunition into the weapon of choice.

  3. thermostat's says:

    Pistols/ rifles are like any sort of tool, just like a screwdriver or a pair of pliers, they are tools that are designed for a purpose…. some tighten a fastenener, to secure a connection, the other is a form of self protection, but only with one that has been trained, one must know when to use a hammer or a screwdriver as they have different results, and on what they are used for. There are some homes that should’nt have either as they know not how to operate either. one needs to be trained to operate any of the tools that they have and know when to use them.Hopes this helps a little, and have a great New Year!bf

  4. uncomprehending says:

    To protect yourself and your family. I mean criminals have guns so law abiding citizens need guns to protect themselves. Also what if another country decides to attack us on our own ground, the public could do alot of damage if we all have guns. Which we have for a long time and that is why I think we have never been invaded. We always invade other countries becuase thier public runs and hides because they cant protect themselves. That is one of our freedoms that should never be taken away. You know sometimes the government needs to be overthrown and if we cant protect ourselves then how would that be done. If the government was the only ones with firepower they would think they could do what ever they want.

  5. fluidification says:

    what i use my guns fortarget shooting both handguns and rifles and skeet with the shotgunshunting with rifles and shotgunsself defense with handguns for out of house and shotguns for in housethe reason the 2nd amendment was made, protecting against a tyrannical governmentpros of gun control: nothing as criminals dont obey lawscons of gun control: harder for law abiding citizens to get guns, criminals can get them easier EXAMPLE for a legal full auto military ak47 it costs around $20,000 plus a $200 tax, a criminal can buy a full auto military ak47 illegally on the street for $300, because of gun control you can only legally own a full auto gun that was manufactured before 1986, thats why its so expensive, a criminal doesnt have to abide by that and can own one made later or illegally convert their gun to full auto, the cheapest full auto gun you can buy legally is a mac 10 which costs on average $4000, before the 1986 ban you could get one for $400, and guess how many legal ones were used in crimes, 0also you might have heard of the assault weapon ban, that did nothing, an ak47 or ar15(civilian version of an m16 that isnt full auto or capable of shooting a 3 shot burst) is no where near as powerful as a hunting rifle, guess what the assault weapon ban went after, the civilian legal ak47s and ar15s because the people who wrote the assault weapon ban thought they looked scary and claimed that they were to powerful to hunt with and used that as a reason to why people shouldnt own one

  6. yttrotantalite says:

    self defense, hunting,

  7. exorbitation says:

    ProtectionFreedom to bear arms (2nd ammendment)IDK WHAT ELSE?

  8. WinHelp says:

    Well they come in handy just in case someone throws a snowball at your truck. Like this cop who pulls his gun out after a snowball hits his hummer. [external link] …

  9. saclike says:


  10. bukshi says:

    cuz there sexy