Can anyone identify this book about Ronald Reagan?

I saw this short paperback book on the shelf at Barnes & Noble last year...It was divided into two parts. The second part was one of Reagan's speeches; either his first State of the Union or his first inauguration address. The first part is a great essay/introduction comparing Reagan's first year with Obama's first year. It was basically pointing out all the things that Obama SHOULD be doing in his first year that worked under Reagan.I have searched amazon and b' but can't find the book anywhere. Can anyone help? Thanks :)

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  1. wirier says:

    An American Life by Ronald Reagan (Paperback – Oct. 1, 1999)4 new from $72.9819 used from $11.86 (61) Excerpt – page 31: “… of the Rock River Valley. My mother gave me a book, Northern Lights, that was based on the lives of the …”Surprise me! See a random page in this book.Books: See all 1,610 items2. The Reagan Diaries by Ronald Reagan (Paperback – May 12, 2009)