Help! Do you think she likes me?

I know this looks kind of long, but I promise you it's kind of cute. I also just dreamt 3 times in a row about asking her out so I need to get it off my chest. Me: Can I take you out to the movie this Friday? Her: This friday? No Me: Oh OK Her: Wait was that serious? Me: Yeah, I know I joke around with you a lot but yes. *walk away* I always joke around with her all the time. I've asked her to Mcdonalds with dollar menu coupons SEVERAL times as a joke and she understands this. She's quiet and hardly talks but she's talked to me a bit because I make fun of her. We laugh a lot together and make fun of each other, I feel really comfortable with her. I like her for her personality and how she's so fun to talk to. I think she thought I was joking as usual because she said "Wait was that serious?" It's been 3 days since I asked her out. I got a cookie from my friend and she stole the cookie from my hand and joked with me she was saving me from obesity. She then took asked my friend for a second cookie and I was just joking the whole time about how I was starving and she was rubbing it in how good it tasted and then gave me the last half. She's so cute! Yesterday I walk in to class and since her SAT is today I make fun of her saying "ooh no SAT tomorrow no stress feels good!" but I think I went too far because she said sometimes she wants to punch me. I then went to the board and she stole a bite of my food. She also asked me to check her practice essay and she was fighting back a smile at my serious attitude. So at the end I felt bad for making fun of her first and said "Good luck on your SAT." Should I ask again? I don't want to feel like I'm bothering her. Also how do I know she's interested if she hasn't mentioned it for 3 days now? In fact, asking her again seems pointless. She hasn't mentioned it at all so how do I even know she's interested?

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3 Answers to “Help! Do you think she likes me?”

  1. detracted says:

    Keep asking until she realized that you like her. Be persistent. Be patient. Just please stop making fun of her. Instead make her laugh. Smile to her. Just be normal. Please stop annoying her. Period.

  2. cmhanis says:

    like what you said she seem shyshe problay likes youit could have something to do with what her friends thinkit seems that she has been flirting with you.does she ever complimented you or anything like that.the reason she may of not said anything is because she is nervous you could see what she says when you ask her agin you might get a better response hope this helps :D

  3. Chequers says:

    You should just let ot go but if you really like her that much you should plan a party or something and invite her to that