How do you write a journal entry essay on a book?

So basically, for school I've been told to write a two page essay on the book Life is So Good, in the form of journal entries. I have to comment on the characters, themes, and challenges, as well as demonstrate that I have read the book. I'm supposed to avoid a plot summary. I'm not entirely sure HOW to write this though. What should the format be...?

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  1. lichenlike says:

    Have you read the book yet or are you still reading it? Cause if you were still reading it you could sort of record what you are reading, your impressions of the characters, your emotions when you reach key passages in the book etc. In fact, you could probably go back and make that up. Do small date marked journal entries, something like 22/08/08Dear Journal,Today I started reading Blood of the Fold by Terry Goodkind, it’s the third book in the series I have been telling you about, and I must say he doesn’t disappoint! 23/08/08Dear Journal, I am so madly in love with Kahlan right now! She’s the Mother Confessor, so she has all these powers that can make any person she touches do exactly as she wants, even fall dead at her command! How amazing is that?24/08/08Dear Journal, Please, please, please don’t let Rachel get eaten by a gar, she is only a little girl and I think she is so sweet.Do you get the idea I am going for here?