How long should a SAT essay be?

I'm working on writing SAT essay prompts to help prepare for the test but I was wondering how long they were supposed to be. I typed mine (I know you don't type on the test I was just at my comp.) in Times New Roman font, 12 point font, double spaced and it turned out to be one full page.Longer? I don't think It would have to be shorter. How much longer? a page? two?Thanks so much! God bless.

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3 Answers to “How long should a SAT essay be?”

  1. dehydrogenize says:

    5 paragraphs is the standard…one intro, 3 examples, one conclusion. Unless you are an amazing writer or you have an amazing example, don’t go with one or two examples. A standard paragraph is 4 sentences each at least.

  2. unfelted says:

    I used all the space they provided me with, with medium sized cursive handwriting. Five paragraphs (intro, 2-3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion), each with about 3 sentences should be enough to make your point and fill up the space. In general, longer essays score higher than shorter essays, provided they are written well. I would practice writing your essays by hand, so that you can get used to writing quickly and not being able to make adjustments as easily. You would also get a better idea of the appropriate length.

  3. socioeducational says:

    However long it takes you to get your point across. That seems like a reasonable amount, but don’t sugar coat it in order to make it longer, since that usually leads to having useless information.Kudos and good luck on SATs.