I have to write an essay on hate?

in my senior english class, i am required to write a 7-12 page essay on hate. i am absolutely stumped on how i can fill up that many pages on hate. i guess i need some ideas that i can easily elaborate on, and preferably something deep. any ideas?

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4 Answers to “I have to write an essay on hate?”

  1. ensculpture says:

    some colleges have thesis,s on any subject in their libraries. i think youd have to contact the college. or there are thesis,s online to buy, but i think they are expensive

  2. dowel says:

    There is probably a Psychological theory about hate, involving in-groups and out-groups. So you could write about the Psychology of hate if you want.

  3. Calas says:

    write about how much u hate the fact of having to compose such a long essay on hate…

  4. bonaparte says:

    do hate crimes, kkk, muslims and christians ,,,,