If you have a test with 40 multiple questions and 4 short essay questions and have 50 minutes only?

Is it better to start with short essay questions first? or the multiple choice questions ? the reason am asking is because am slow test taker and your answer really will help me . Thanks

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4 Answers to “If you have a test with 40 multiple questions and 4 short essay questions and have 50 minutes only?”

  1. retcons says:

    mc then essays.

  2. revivably says:

    I like taking my time on tests, timed tests were naturally hard for me. I simply answered all the MC questions I knew. If the question would require more than 30seconds to think through i would skip it. The essays are very important though. Allow yourself enough time for those but try to answer most of the MC section.

  3. CHASIDY says:

    It depends on if the essays count for more, but I would get all the multiple questions done first, since that will really accomplish more. Then you have time to work on the essays. Write what you know, right off the bat, and leave space for more. Try to do all four essays at once if you need to. After you have written all you know, and done the questions too, you can concentrate on making your essays better. I hope you do well on this test. Each multiple question should be answered fairly quickly so you will have the time you need.

  4. hexavalent says:

    It all depends on your style of test taking. Answering the essay questions first may help some people, but just make others take too much time on them so they won’t finish.For my 80 minute English midterm a couple of weeks ago, I had 86 multiple choice questions and 5 essays that had to be at least 3-4 paragraphs long! Luckily I finished because I guess I sort of rushed through the multiple choice and made sure I had a reasonable answer for each one, then I did the essays, and then took more time on the hard multiple choice that I starred. Do not take more than 30 seconds per multiple choice question. Come back to it later.This plan may or may not work for you, but I would try it because it is really effective.