Shall you save my life this week?

1. Kindly tell me some study tips first. And how to keep a good physical and mental balance.2. How can I study the following items: ?a. English (The Merchant of Venice- Grammar (Subject-Verb Agreement and Sentence Fragments) - Punctuation (The use of - Quotation marks, - Commas, - Periods, - Semi-colon, and -Colon) How can I study Vocabulary, study for a comprehension, and study for essay questions?b. Mathematics:Algebra 1 ( Probability, Polynomials, and Graphing systems of coordinates I.E. Substitution and elimination methods)c. Science: Earth Science- Weathering and soil formation- Climate- The flow of fresh water- The atmosphered. History: World History: Continuity and change bookMedieval Europe and Renaissance. - Please tell me how can I study a map (tips)e. French: Vocabulary, clothes, and grammar.* Can you also tell me tips on studying for a practical Science exam?** You do not have to answer all :)

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  1. dreyerd says:

    Let me suggest you spend maybe 20 minutes a day reading the tips on the webpage below.Overall, let me suggest you take an “active” approach to learning. One method is like writing down key words and defining them. Review the list often. You should recite, out loud what you are studying. Also, walking around your room (at home) while reciting helps, much like an actor learning lines for a play. An activity like walking while learning, can help retain complex lists or facts needed for tests.For maps, learn relationships, like which nation, river, or lake is furtherest north, which is south, which are in the center.Go over lists of nations or cities that touch water, and those that do not.French is also basically memorization, use both writing, and recitation, and apply what you learn daily, by review of the day’s before work, before you start the new days lessons.A good teachers doe this also. They should review the last days lesson, then build the new lesson on terms/ideas learned the day before. So, should your studies or review at home.Good Luck, you got some hard lessons to learn and study.

  2. skiclub says:

    Don’t push your luck

  3. disserviceably says:

    why are you still in school? that sucks

  4. snmpget says:

    ok..well wat helps most people is actually visually seeing if u need to write somethin down 14000000 times to remember it, do it!

  5. abdolrah says:

    read merchant of venice and watch the videopractice essay questions only way to improve – find past papers on the internet for your exam boardmathematics, i find revision guides really help and anything you don’t understand do a lot of practice until you doscience just read through your text books and look at the questions and make sure you can answer them and know all the key vocabularyhistory i dont take so im not sureand french just print of lists of vocabulary and clothes names and put them around your house, or stick post it notes on your clothes in french (haha) so when you go in your wardrobe you might learn somethinggrammars quite hard to learn but usually not as bad as you think just read through the concept so you can recognize the tensesgood luck!hoep this helpsx