When your writing a essay about a person do you only write the negatives?

Last year I had to write a Essay about a historical person and i didnt want to do it and i was bored, so when i wrote it i made the whole essay negative about him, i wrote a little stuff good and some not. i knew the teacher would get tired of reading all the boring sugary essays so i spiced mine up and made it evil.and guess what yall.i madea 100 while others made 95's and 90's or below

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2 Answers to “When your writing a essay about a person do you only write the negatives?”

  1. fixdfsi says:

    that’s nice!you made have of wisdom.it could that the person you are writing about,is not really negative but you made it seem negative because it’s going 2 draw the attention of the teacher.your teacher will love to read it down to the end and you could be the best.nice job babe!

  2. butsomi says:

    It depends. You know sometimes when you run out of ideas you just Bull s*** the whole paper or you really give your opinion.I had to write a 12 page essay, when i got to page 6 I was just making up things and pretended like I liked them and over analyzed it.I hate essays….it was over Sylvia plath’s poem Mad girl love song.Good poem though…