Why did Britain fear communism so much (about 1930s?)?

Im doing an essay on appeasement and one of the factors is a 'fear of communism' and i know they feared it because it could destroy the established order but i need some evidence on how Britain feared (particularly russian) communism? what was so bad about it?any help is much appreciated thanks!btw my essay is about the 1930s but anything on communism before that is great too, thanks!

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  1. cathedral says:

    It is such a deadly ideology for capitalist, kings. And it was known to them if communist gets the power than they will become insignificant just like a common man. So they used the media to spread lies about communism..thus they moved common peoples mind away from truth(marxist ideology) . Even USSR fell this way, the capitalist who lost their power, entered in CPSU. They stared making certain decision which was against common people.. So the people found themselves in a horrible situation, that socialism which was supposed to work for them now acting against them. The government started ignoring common peoples right. It was severely corrupted. And all these things started just after stalin’s death.. Ultimately S.U. ended with white revolution in 1991…

  2. irrelative says:

    1) They thought communism was more of the anarchists that they had had problems with in the previous century.2) As a monarchy based nation, why shouldn’t they fear a government based on destruction of monarchy ( and 1 that had had ties to England )?

  3. solion says:

    Because there were enough real social abuses to justify its popularity, and the abusers knew it..

  4. squibbing says:

    Almost every country feared communsim in the 30s, they were mostly afraid of having a revolution like in Russia(1917).