Does environment affect a child’s development?

I am writing an essay about nature vs nurture and I agree with nurture. One of my points in my essay would be that children learn from their environment as they grow up: e.g if their parents are alcoholic they will grow up to be alcoholics also. I can't find any articles supporting this and I need one badly. can someone help me plzzz

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  1. Rapaces says:

    Here’s a couple [external link]

  2. gnulang says:

    Look up some articles on domestic violence. There is a lot of evidence showing that chldren who grow up in abusive homes end up solving their problems abusively. Alcoholism is a bit trickier — alchohol is a physical addiction, and the resulting dysfunction isn’t necessarily passed on in that way. Also, some evidence shows that alcoholism skips generations but they don’t know if it’s because children of alcoholics don’t want anything to do with it or if it could be hereditary. You’ll be on safer ground with the domestic violence: children model what they see.