What should I do?

Ok so basically I've had like 2 weeks to write this essay on King Rat, and me being a procrastinator had decided to do it tonight, yep and its due Tomorrow at 1pm.Ok so I'm almost done but I've run into writters block and I need to edit still so I really only have one body paragraph the concluding paragraph and editing left.Should I:A)pull an all nighter, finish this essay and hand it in on timeB)finish the essay tonight, but edit in my spare and hope to have it complete in timeC)call it a night, work on it tomorrow in my spare and if its not finished, skip that class and hand it in thursday

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7 Answers to “What should I do?”

  1. whelmed says:

    If you are in collage, pull an all nighterIf you are in high school just ditch if you don’t get it done. High schools a joke any way.

  2. pazifik says:

    neither you should have done it 2 weeks ago !

  3. veloria says:

    Do it all tonight, you will only get into the same situation with the smaller amount of work tomorrow, it is only one night of hell, just get it over with.

  4. larva says:

    I would finish the essay tonight, but edit in my spare and hope to have it complete in time! Edit it like between classes and at lunch!

  5. jiinasu says:

    I don’t know.If I were you, I’d call it a night, wake up 3 hours early and finish the essay. I do this all the time. I go to bed at 11 pm.. get 4 and half to 5 hours of sleep, wake up, and do homework. Haha.

  6. WAYNE's says:

    As a teacher, I can only say that you waited a @@@@ of a long time time to complete an assignment! I can also tell you I would not believe you had “writer’s block”, nor would I accept that as a reason for you not turning in the assignment on time. Teachers are not stupid. We were once students, too. Most of us have given as many excuses as you can think of. Pull an all-nighter, finish your essay, and hand the thing in on time! Unless you are bleeding from every oriface, or dead, your teacher will not accept any excuse. You can, of course, have your parents call the school administration to give you an excuse. Administrators cater to parents!

  7. helistops says:

    I would just get it over with and catch up on sleep tomorrow after school. Good luck with your essay!