How can I improve the second topic sentence for my essay on Shakespeare’s “Romeo & Juliet?”?

My essay is about how Romeo is the cause of the death's of himself and Juliet, and how his two character traits of being "lovesick" and "naive" lead to the deaths of both himself and Juliet. My second topic sentence is going to introduce how how his character trait of being "lovesick" leads to the death of himself and Juliet. Please criticize it and tell me how it could be improved and be better."In addition to Romeo being a naive character, his lovesick mindset is also one key characteristic that causes the death of himself and Juliet."Also, if anyone knows of any really good specific examples or quotes that show the consequences of him being lovesick causing the deaths of himself and Juliet that would be greatly appreciated, it's fine if you don't.

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  1. nonsanguine says:

    Along with Romeo’s naivety, comes the youthful mindset of being lovesick, which is a key characteristic that aids in the ending of Juliet and himself.or himself and juliet..i dunnojust a suggestioncharacter and characteristic sound redundant together