Please help me fix my sentence correct grammer and punctuation please?

Hi, I am working on a senetence for my essay I need help fixing my fragment.My sentence isMy definition of femininity is shaped different from my sisters I consider it being able to express yourself without worry, living life fully and not having to be meek.

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2 Answers to “Please help me fix my sentence correct grammer and punctuation please?”

  1. swalingly says:

    You could split the sentence in to two sentences, e.g. My definition of femininity is shaped differently to my sisters. I consider femininity to be defined by freedom of expression, living life to the full and not being meek and submissive.

  2. Animalivora says:

    Hi! I hope this comment finds you happy and unstuck from behind the writer’s block you may be experiencing! Here’s one fancy way to put it:Femininity, in my view and being influenced by my sisters, has been exhibited in such a manner that leads one to believe that a woman can express herself without worry, live life to the fullest with no limits and being courageous and strong, rather than meek and subservient.Hope this helps!xElizabethx