Can anyone tell me some themes of the crucible?

I have to write an in class essay on the themes of the crucible and on how it relates to those days and today. Or does anyone know a good website where I could find this information out? Any help would do.

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2 Answers to “Can anyone tell me some themes of the crucible?”

  1. tacos says:

    Lies and deceitRespect and reputationCompassion and forgivenessFrom Shmoop

  2. reversewise says:

    While The Crucible is based on the actual events of the Salem witch trials, Arthur Miller intended it to be a political allegory about the Red Scare and McCarthyism in the 1950s. Innocent people had their lives ruined over a falsehood, and people were singled out if their lifestyles, beliefs or actions differed from those of the people in charge. Miller couldn’t come right out and write a play explicitly about McCarthyism without getting blacklisted, so he wrote The Crucible instead. You still see it today any time a politician accuses another one of “being soft on terrorism,” being “sympathetic to terrorists,” having “ties to Muslims” or whatever. Red Scare-type tactics are still being used today. Just sub in “Muslim terrorists” for “communists.”