Cold War Children’s Book?

Alright for a school project I have to create a book on the Cold WarDirections: you are to write and illustrate a children’s book based on one (or more) of the theme(s) of the post war world. The book should be written in language that children could understand, but that also addresses theme(s) from the post war world. The book should convey the theme(s) clearly, and concisely. In addition, there should be a 1 1⁄2 to 3 page essay turned in with the book that describes the theme(s) in more technical terms. The book should have illustrations on each page and have an illustrated cover. The book and additional essay should each be stapled (or otherwise bound) before turning them in.Purpose: The purpose of this project is to become familiar with part of the post war world. By writing in a children’s book, you’ll be forced to explain a complex idea in both your own words, and in your own style. It also allows you to use your imagination and incorporate creative writing or art into your work.Topics: (pick one to three)1. The origins of the Cold War. 2. The Korean War3. The Arms race/ or the atomic age 4. The C.I.A. and overseas operations5. Popular culture (Suburbs, T.V., Cars)6. Women’s roles changing7. The Red Hunt (McCarthy, Rosenburg, Hiss, Hollywood Ten, Etc.)I just need some help with finding a good story line... I'm just drawing a blank. Any help would be appreciated

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    If this were my assignment I would…1. Pick one of the topics and begin researching. Look for differing/conflicting positions on issues that relate to it.2. Pay a visit to the local library and read through some children’s books, to familiarize myself with how they are structured, character development, plot line/conflict resolution, how historical context is communicated, etc.Off the top of my head, I seem to remember reading a variety of children’s books where there are two friends whose parents have very different backgrounds and ideas about things. The children have to come to terms with this and how it effects their relationship. For example, one child could have parents who are participating in demonstrations at nuclear facilities, while another has a parent in politics or the military that believes that mutually assurred deterence is necessary.Open a chat with a librarian near you to get other ideas and research assistance.Examples of chat services: [external link]