Describe the scene in a local park?

i have an essay to do tomorrow but it is a descriptive scene which has to be described a lot and cannot have any speech in it. Just of what you think when your in a park with camera shots. if anyone can help me with this i will be so thankful!

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3 Answers to “Describe the scene in a local park?”

  1. rhagiocrin says:

    Walking through the green painted, wrought-iron gates I see a concrete pathway stretching out in front of me like a grey ribbon meandering through the verdant shrubbery. Over to the right I see a children’s playground, with a sandpit, swings and roundabouts all being used to their full extent buy a myriad of squealing and laughing youngsters, obviously enjoying the warmth and sunshine of the Summer day. Parents, seated nearby, watch their offspring with the intensity of a mother hen nurturing her chicks. Conversely on the opposite side of the path is the lush vegetation of the many trees, with their welcoming shade, and the colourful plants, their heady scent filling the air. As I walk further into the park I see benches, painted green to match the foliage, with people sitting on them, some just resting, others enjoying a sandwich or cool drink. Over in the distance I see a collection of greenhouses and through the glass I observe a couple of gardeners working to produce more plants from seedlings to keep the foliar display alive and varied. Once I pass the play area I notice the peacefulness and quiet environment I now find my self in and I feel an inner calm that God’s beautiful creations give me. I breathe in deeply, savouring the freshness and perfume of the oxygenated air and it gives me both peace and exhilaration at the same time. I pause for a while an sit on the grass, which feels cool and soft to the touch. Surely such a place as a park, right in the middle of the city, is a wonderful asset and one that gives so much pleasure to so many. I always enjoy walking in the park, like so many others, and I am thankful that it is here. It is a place I visit often, and will do so again in the future.

  2. underbidder says:

    Looking in from the edge right after a big snowstorm. The pristine lumps and bumps of playground equipment. Slick, smooth whiteness that is then destroyed by some animals running through (deer, squirrels, rabbits)….whichever you want to pass through.

  3. lgainor says:

    Ripples on the duck pond, birds scavenging for bread.Greenness of grass, leaves and shrubs, brown bark of the trees.Railings barring your path.Benches, all taken.War memorial, covered in bird sh*t.Lawn mower passing in the distance behind frolicking children.