Do you think this is suppose to be an essay?

i have this topic analysis thing and i have to find an article about health, exercise, nutrition, etc. and do an analysis about it. my friend said it's suppose to be an essay...idk if shes right.but it says on the sheet that the analysis has to have-a bibliography-i have to identify the thesis statement or main idea-i have to write a summary of the article.-outline the key points-write a summary of my opinion on the article-state whether or not the article has a significant quotation and if it does, to quote it.-formulate 5 questions raised by the said the analysis has to be two pages.if its suppose to be an essay...i have no idea how to put all of that together and write it like one...... what do i do?is it suppose to be like an essay?any suggestions or anything anyone can do to help me w/ this would be great.

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  1. monopetalous says:

    Don’t get scared by the word “essay.” Actually, essay writing can be really fun. Your favorite magazine and newspaper columns–you know, the kind where the author’s photo appears near the top–are essays, and they can be interesting, infuriating, filled with opinion, creative and, really, not all that difficult to write.This paper sounds like a more formal kind of essay, like a very short research paper, but you’re expected to write your opinion, so my advice is to pick a topic that you’re interested in enough to actually have an opinion on. If it’s something you have a *strong* opinion about, the paper will be a lot easier to write. To get started, look through some publications (journals, magazines, newspapers) to find an article on a topic you think is interesting. It should be one you feel strongly about. If you really disagree with the article, then so much the better. The thesis will most likely be the thing about the article that you agree or disagree with the most. But it’s really just a brief statement of the author’s purpose in writing the article. Your bibliography will cite this article. If the article itself cites other articles, books, films, etc., then list them in the bibliography, too. Unless it’s a really dull article, it will have at least two or three significant quotations, either from experts or from published sources that you’ve listed in the biography. Pick the quotation that seems the most interesting or profound or irritating–that’s the one you’ll quote in your analysis.Now just think about why you agree or disagree with this article. If the article is just another example of some writer trying to [fill in the blank--some objectionable thing], then think about why all those people are categorically wrong, and why your opinion is much more correct than theirs. Pick specific examples in the article and refute them one by one. If you can keep a logical flow, it should pretty much write itself.

  2. quernstone says:

    Ask your teacher

  3. iinnhse says:

    Hi Sarah,It’s a mini book report, honey. In this case, just an article review. Find an article on something that interests you. Read it a few times, over a few days. That gives you time to keep thinking about it. More things will dawn on you by doing it like that. Then right an overall review. Then do the other steps (like the five questions & quote). Don’t focus on the length (2pgs). Once you find a few points in the article that interest you. That will take care of itself. Good Luck.

  4. beatrisa says:

    You look very young. So I suggest you follow the instructions, work on your grammar, and drop the “valley girl speak.” I suspect the teacher will give you a decent grade if you just try hard and do your best.