How many words is an 8 page double spaced essay?

i need write an 8 page essay on Word, 12 point font in times new roman, 1 inch borders (according to APA style)... how many words about is that?

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5 Answers to “How many words is an 8 page double spaced essay?”

  1. algieba says:

    That’s about 2000 words – about 250/page double spaced. You’ll be surprised how fast they get used up! You can check your word count in MS Word if you go to Tools>Spelling and Grammar Check>word count.

  2. photolithography says:

    Don’t concern yourself with amounts of words…it won’t help with’ll just slow you right down. Also remember that APA and MLA require double spacing! That cuts it down by half! Wow!

  3. xerophilous says:

    that would be kind of hard to figure out until its done

  4. gwadaed says:

    There are approx. 380 words per page with the parameters you describe. (but when you write, you shouldn’t worry about counting words — you should use whatever words are necessary to write a good, complete essay)

  5. whiffs says:

    Yep thats what im doing today…8pg diagnosis paper and I just had to make myself more concerned! Report Abuse