How to say the following in Spanish?

Okay I have an essay to do talking about my school. I need to know how to say "it is worth getting up early"That is all so please help.Also one more thing how do I say "it finishes at 2 o clock"? Would it be se la termina a las dos?

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3 Answers to “How to say the following in Spanish?”

  1. ongelma says:

    Vale la pena levantarse temprano para eso.Termina a las 2.

  2. planetariums says:

    Merece la pena de madrugarme.Se termina a las dos de la tarde. You need to indicate whether it’s 2AM or 2PM. this example is 2PM.Se termina a las dos de la mañana. 2AM

  3. pertinacious says:

    “Vale la pena levantarse temprano”"Termina a las dos”