Ideas to explain that there is pride in serving in our military?

I believe that there is pride in serving in our military. I know there is a huge scholarship and contest for the essay prompt "is there pride in serving in our military" I am not trying to have the best or going for the scholarship.. obvisouly or I wouldn't have procrastionated. I just need a few ideas to write about for the essay that I must turn in for my class.

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3 Answers to “Ideas to explain that there is pride in serving in our military?”

  1. unluckiness says:

    eveyone’s motivation to join military is different. my motivation is purely giving back to this country. a lot of folks overlook at the freedom given. What a lot of folks do not understand is how draining physically and mentally it is to be in the military and that the freedom is paid in blood of men and women who took the oath. think of this way, without the past, there is no future. Imagine what would happen had we not beat Axis. I feel certain pride to be part of something big and followed the footstep of some of the great icons (Kennedy, Eisenhower, Grant, Washington and etc all have served this country some point in their life)Hope this helps.

  2. metrorrhea says:

    My experience from seeing military families is that it depends on the individual. It depends on WHY they choose to join, WHY they choose to stay in (if they do), and also on what they do.The truth is some join to have a steady job, others to serve, others because they are curious, and some even because they have a death wishSome stay in because the economy is bad and it’s steady income, some stay in because they joined young and don’t know how to live life without the military, some stay because they have real pride and want to continue to serve, some stay because they’re good at what they do. Some like it. There are a million reasons.The truth is that not all members of the military fight. Some join to have a good job but they choose the job that keeps them the farthest away from combat. Is there pride in that? I don’t know.The truth, without the pretty picture or ugly picture the essay question is wanting to elicit, is that it’s a very gray area. I think the smartest answer is “It depends on who you ask”

  3. hybridation says:

    You should research about the army and such. then, you will get an answer.