Is driver training no longer required after you are 17 years old?

I wanted to write a persuasive essay on how driver training should be free(by the DMV or payed for by school) because of the crazy prices they are making people pay for it up to 300$ just to learn how to Drive! My parents used to get it free with their school and I wanted to argue for it to be free once again.. but someone in my class told me that once you hit 17 years old, you dont have to take driver training. i dont think thats true because its learning how to drive. so how do you NOT learn how to drive and be able to drive legally? i dont get that at all. is that true?

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9 Answers to “Is driver training no longer required after you are 17 years old?”

  1. tamaraos says:

    Nobody (in Georgia) has to take driver training to get a license…you just have to pass the driver’s test. Training is just to help you prepare for driving, and is not mandatory (in Georgia). Maybe it is a requirement in other states…I am not sure. Your argument for having free driver training is easy to make; simply cite the statistics for vehicle crashes, injuries, and fatalities and take the position that if more people were better trained at driving these numbers would decrease. Financially, driver training may help to reduce insurance costs because there will be fewer accidents. All of this will also lessen traffic caused by accidents, and allow law enforcement (i.e. police) to spend less money and time addressing traffic issues. I hope that this helps with your essay.

  2. coagulator says:

    Some states include drivers’ training in the school. I think that it should be part of the curriculum, because those who wait until they are 18, and do not do the driving course are poorly equipped with the knowledge and education to be defensive drivers, and have more accidents.I think drivers’ training is important… It gives a controlled situation in which to become capable and knowledgable drivers.I do agree, though, that it is ridiculous to charge such high prices to drive. It’s like you are being fined before you even break a law.It was not free, by the way, your grandparents more than likely paid a tuition for your parents to go to school, and the cost of tuition included the cost of driving courses. It was difficult for me, living in the midwest, with a January birthday, driving in the snow for students was not allowed… just too dangerous… however, you write your essay… I agree with you… I have several kids, and they could have benefited from the school program, but instead I could only pay for 1 to go to the formal external class. This caused hardships on my whole family, and quite a bit of jealousy for the 4 that I did not send to the course….Depending on the state, 17 is the cut-off age… in Texas even if you are 18, if you are still in school, you must take a course, or at least drive with a 21 year old (with permit) for 6 months before getting your license. After graduating, you can just go on down to the DMV and test, pass, and drive.

  3. encrimson says:

    not required.

  4. cheloid says:

    I just know that in California, after you are 17 and a half years old, you are no longer required to go to driving school and pay $300. All that is required of you is that you take your permit test and then shortly afterward (about two weeks or so, minimum) take a “behind-the-wheel” driving test.

  5. dissolving says:


  6. malidentification says:

    Many states allow parent trained driver education due to the number of children now home schooled. But are you really 17 and still haven’t learned it’s “paid” not “payed”?And nothing you get at school is free, just ask your tax paying parents.In May of 1997 the state law in Texas was amended to allow for parent-taught driver’s education programs. This change in state law put parents in the center of the training process. In early January of 1998, the Texas Board of Insurance reviewed this process and recommended its inclusion in the same category of training discounts as traditional methods. An insurance discount on premiums will encourage parents to seek this form of training, while reducing loss on the part of the insurance industry when they insure these more thoroughly trained, safer drivers. Additionally, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Virginia have passed similar legislation recognizing the ability of parents to provide their students’ driver’s education. The Departments of Motor Vehicles or Departments of Education in several other states have approved various parent taught driver education programs. The following states have specifically approved NDTI’s parent-taught driver’s education course: Colorado, Minnesota, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and Virginia.

  7. popeye says:

    yes it is req

  8. ranette says:

    My how times change… when I was in High School we had a “Drivers Education” course and it was free.Take my advice… even AFTER you go through a basic driving course… consider taking advanced coursed… an emergency driving course or a racing driver’s course… it makes you a MUCH better driver than you will ever be with nothing more than the basic training of how to point a car down the road and mash the accelerator… you can actually learn how to DRIVE A CAR which is not something you learn in a basic course.

  9. nolumus says:

    Check your DMV website. Some states assume you will be taught in the old school way by parents and friends and not paying for a certificate; some states require one.