Portfolio theme =]?

to all you creative people...im in 7th grade and we have to do a portfolio for english class of all our essays and stuff like that. our portfolio has to have a theme and i have NO IDEAS AT ALL! i need major help. heres what our instructions for the theme say:your portfolio must have a theme. this can be achieved by using themed graphics, page borders, clip art, original drawing, quotes etc. the theme should be evident both on you cover page and dividers. make sure theme is clear thought your project.any ideas?HELP MEH puh-leasethanks love =]

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  1. rami says:

    well i have like a manilla folder for english soo yea you know wat that is right ? [external link] ‘rlz… ya these things anyway i just draw random things on it during class but if you cant just randomly draw on it make a FAVORITE theme like: fav. animal , fav food, fav actors , fav singers or just put lyrics all over it HOPE I HELPED !**

  2. Brahmsite says:

    I agree with Hannah on this one. You could have a theme of a sport, subject, color, shape, or anything else. Have fun…

  3. seethed says:

    i agree with both of them just choose one of your intresets like i choosed love and i put a bunch of love pics and love quotes

  4. parmese says:

    Okay, I just had to make a poetry portfolio, so I think I can help you. I really like music so I made that my theme. Like I would have poems about the things it can do and stuff. Pick something you really like and can write about. If you really like sports, do a sport theme. Good luck picking your theme!