What are some ways/techniques/ideas I can use to become a better writer?

Im currently a junior in high school and I need some major improvements in writing. Im taking AP Language Arts right now and essay writing has become a major priority for me. Im an averge writer when it comes to responses or writing something I hate writing about. The other day I had to write about Thomas Paine and his pamphlet then about Patrick Henry. Topics are so boring and I have nothing to write about and when I think of a really good idea I cant form it into a sentence. I excel in writing when Im writing about a interesting topic while others are a bit average. What can I do? thanks

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  1. tafferel says:

    Wow! I just did that exact same about a month ago; write an in-class essay on Thomas Paine and Patrick Henry I mean! I seemed to be having the same problem you are having, it’s a bit better now though. I think the best method that works for me is to just focus and write the essays mechanically. If you’re like me, you want to add large words and create intricate and long sentences. But if you’re really just looking to get a good grade and get full scores on your essay, it’s all about following the essay-writing process. It’s really boring, really mechanical, but it helps. If you get the basic structure down, you can elaborate on your topic and connect it to something you are interested in so that you can write a lot easier and better than if you were writing about something that bores you. I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but seriously just stick with the boring stuff now. I promise it’ll work out later! Hope this helps!

  2. cedulas says:

    Always practice, practice, practice! Never stop trying to improve your writing. This will help you to form your sentences. Talk to your teacher about changing your essay topics.

  3. chun-shi says:

    Possibly the trick of making your writing more exciting when you have to tackle “dry” topics could be if you somehow relate it to present day or something that is of interest to you. It’s like a “hook”.If you have a dry subject that you have to write about, try infusing something that interests you & then have either a comparison or have them interact, if it is a fictional creative writing assignment.I used to love doing creative writing. When I was younger I thought it would be cool to be a writer. It allows your mind to have boundless reign. You are only limited by your own mind.Best of luck to you! Go for it!

  4. morever says:

    I am a Junior too! Anyways, I have the same problem as you. When I am writing for school(research paper, essay), I have a hard time flowing my sentences and making the paper sound good. When it comes to be writing for my school paper, or writing for fun(book), it just comes to me, and I just write. One way I found it easy to write an essay is to brainstorm. Plan out what I am going to write in each paragraph. It really does help rather than sitting on your computer and writing on the spot. You actually know where you are going.Hope this helps :)

  5. fair'st says:

    Brainstorm ideas, research a lot, use a thesaurus.Also, get a fountain pen. I never used a fountain pen until well after high school. If they’re still forcing you kids to write cursive (OUTDATED and non-standard crap to be forcing kids to do) a fountain pen makes your writing look beautiful compared to using some cheap roller ball pen.

  6. hfactor says:

    Every time you write about something boring just think of it as an opportunity to better yourself. Write your rough draft and then go back and think about your word choice and see if you can word things better. There are so many words out there, don’t be afraid to play with them ;) Other then that, just read and continue to take classes such as creative writing. Also, talk to as many experienced writers as possible, many good writers are willing to give out good advice just do research and send them an email. (Julie Garwood is a great writer how loves to help, visit her website.)