What is the Public health system like in france?

Ok so i am writing an essay about the public health systems in france. However i'm quite stuck as i cannot find any sites which explains it in a simple way. So if anyone could give me information like if the legal residents that live there have to pay for health insurance and so on....Help appreciated a lot.

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  1. stereotypies says:

    Here in France children’s health care is free. For adults the state pays 80% and you have to pay the rest. Your food in Hospital and ambulance is not covered. If you have a life threatening condition such as heart trouble or diabetes the state pays 100% for treatment for that but anything unrelated is still 80%. There is a means tested benefit for those who fall below a certain income when the state pays for everything at 100%. People usually get a top up health insurance which gets dearer as you get older.

  2. enoptromancy says:

    The French Health Care systems is often ranked as the best in the world.Although frequently described (and decried) by American politicians as “socialized medicine” it was actually crafted as an alternative to the British National Health Service which is more properly considered to be such.The system ensures that all citizens are covered by a basic health insurance policy which is paid for by employers (in the case of those who are working) or by the tax supported social security system ( in the case of those who are not).The system does not fix provider fees per se but does fix the reimbursement that will be paid for by insurance. This is done in consultation with health care providers and the result is that most charges for services are in line with the reimbursement by insurance that is available.Patients are free to purchase separate supplemental insurance to cover charges above or in addition to what is included in the basic policy.Patients are not constrained in their choice of health care providers (a major criticism of many other systems) but freely select not only their primary care physician but specialists as well. There is no rationing of health care ( another major criticism of other systems). Patients pay for most services as they are rendered and then apply for compensation from the insurer. For major expenses (surgeries for example) arrangements are made with the insurance provider prior to rendering services.