What movie should i do for my essay?

The movie should be based on a real person and historical events. It needs to have enough historical inaccuracies so i can write a 1000 word essay on it.

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3 Answers to “What movie should i do for my essay?”

  1. fakey says:

    Gandhi,Sherlock Holmes both are the best choices in my veiw and since Mr.holmes is a fictional charecter u can still write about Arthur Conan Doyal and the old london which he protrayed using this charecter……and i dont need to say much about the first one i hope…..

  2. havercake says:

    You could do it on titanic? It’s a historical event and you could base it on a certain person in the movie! Plus it’s not boring like most history things! :)

  3. distanz says:

    definitely cleopatra…