I’m really stuck on my essay, my teacher is so strict!?

and because my teacher is so strict it make sit harder to develop my essay, because i feel like she will be scrutinizing everything is say..how can i deal with this? ive been trying to write the same essay for two days and i cant get passed the first paragraph

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2 Answers to “I’m really stuck on my essay, my teacher is so strict!?”

  1. repullulescent says:

    Screw the teacher. Forget she will be reading it just for a moment and write down whatever comes to mind. Once you have said all you have to say about the topic, edit and proof-read it as many times as you need in order to meet her standards. Don’t worry about that when you’re first writing it, though. It’s much easier to polish a finished work than to do it all perfectly from scratch.

  2. unsophomoric says:

    Judging by your English grammar, I don’t blame her for being strict. Too bad your previous teachers hadn’t taken a closer look at your obvious literary shortcomings. You might have been better equipped to write a decent essay at this stage of your education (or lack thereof).