Question 18 (Multiple Choice Worth 3 points)"My sister cried enough tears to fill a swimming pool" is an example of hyperbole. malapropism. oxymoron. pun. --------------------------------------… Question 19 (Multiple Choice Worth 3 points)"The man tried to explain to his neighbor that the issue discerned the whole neighborhood" is an example of hyperbole. malapropism. oxymoron. pun. --------------------------------------… Question 20 (Multiple Choice Worth 3 points)"The child loved his pediatrician because the doctor was a real kidder" is an example of hyperbole. malapropism. oxymoron. pun. --------------------------------------… Question 21 (Multiple Choice Worth 3 points)"We finally got a dog after the kids hounded us for a year" is an example of hyperbole. malapropism. oxymoron. pun. Question 24 (Essay Worth 10 points)Identify an example of dramatic irony, and in a few sentences, explain what dramatic irony is and how your example meets the criteria of dramatic irony.

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  1. phycoerythrin says:

    I think the above answerer’s answers were correct except for question20.I think the answer is PUN because a pediatrician is a kid’s doctor, and it says the doctor is a real “kidder”. I don’t know, it seems kind of like it’s trying to be a pun. Maybe i am wrong. I think that question is hard because it doesn’t really seem to be any of the answer choices.

  2. Botrytis says:

    Question 18: HyperboleExplanation: A hyperbole is an exaggeration. The speaker is exaggerating.Question 19: Malapropism Explanation: To discern is to detect with the eyes, or to recognize, or to come to know something. The way it’s used in this sentence makes little sense, so I’d call it malapropism– the misuse of a word.Question 20: PunExplanation: I’ve edited this answer because, as was pointed out, the doctor is a pediatrician and he’s described as a “kidder.” This is a play on the word kidder, referring to his working with kids and his humor.Question 21: PunExplanation: The statement makes a play on the verb “to hound.” It can mean either to pursue with actual dogs or to harass. Since they’re talking about getting a dog, they refer to both meanings.Question 24: Irony in general is a rhetorical device in which the language used to express an idea signify the opposite of that idea. It’s much like sarcasm.Dramatic Irony, is a subset of Irony. It is where a character does and says things that mean something special to an audience, but the character him/herself is unaware of that meaning.Example: Think of a horror movie where the character is walking right into a trap and you know it! You say, “don’t go in there!” But they go in anyway. That’s dramatic irony.