Can anyone tell me what my dream means ?

Hey guys i was just wondering what my dream means i am stressing heaps my dream is that im back at my high school it is the winter break atm im in year 8 and the first day back we get out historian essays back and i did really well the teacher says and she hands the paper back to me and i get 87 percent i have no idea what this means can anyone tell me if this is the oposite of the reality or anything pleasae help

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7 Answers to “Can anyone tell me what my dream means ?”

  1. reveilles says:

    This question belongs on this site. [external link]

  2. evacuating says:

    You are obviously feeling pleased about a piece of work you have given in but are stressed about how you did. I’m pretty sure that as you get nearer to returning to school your dreams could change and you could start doing really badly. depending on your stress. Not many peoples dreams can predict the future like that however maybe your brain is telling you that there are good things to come.

  3. epsgrey says:

    dreams don’t mean anything. what you dream about can come from what you’ve been thinking about the last few days maybe. but what happens to the thought is totally random….you think about grades and your school book gets eaten by a dinosaur…you never know..

  4. zjgcsvw says:

    your going to have a good results in your exams’

  5. suite says:

    It probaly means somthing goods goting to happen like the mark on your paper. Or means your going tobe in colleage a long time

  6. jackknifed says:

    most dream are usually just a replay of your days activities, so say you ate an apple, drove a car, and kissed your girl friend, you could have a dream that came out like, “i drove an apple while my girlfriend kissed a car,” or something, other dreams can be from stress when you will see what you are worried about, in a bad or good light, so if it’s a test and you do good, you may have a certain level of confidence you don’t realize.

  7. KASHA says:

    First of all, dreams definitely have meaning. The thing that has to be understood though is dreams are not only unique and personal to the person that has the dream, but they are symbolic. Dreams seem to be chaotic and not make a lot of sense in terms of the storyline they follow. This is because dreams don’t follow a linear pattern like we are used to in our waking/conscious state. When I say linear pattern I mean as in a time sequence of what has to be first and last, like past, present, future. They are random because the dream state doesn’t follow time and order like we do in our waking state. The point I’m making is that the best person to interpret the dream is yourself. You have to look beyond just the storyline of the dream. The things to pay attention to is: how you felt, the people that you saw, what objects or things you seen around you, the location, what you were doing, things that were said, words you saw, the age you seem to be etc. Dreams tell you multitudes of things. They can be symbolically showing you specific things you need to pay attention to, something that needs to be worked on within yourself, conflict etc. Sometimes dreams can also be to inspire you, give you confidence, help you realize something, learn, and understand. The best way to start learning your symbols and understanding your dreams is to make a dream journal, where you record all your dreams. You can also place comments about what you think the dream can mean in the journal. Recording your dreams enhances your memory of dreams and the clarity of dreams over time. By examining all of your dreams, you will start learning your symbols and you can use them to help better understand yourself.The only way you can truly understand the meaning behind your dreams is getting to truly know yourself. There are dream dictionaries that can give you ideas of what certain things can mean in your dreams, but they are only basic answers because you have to find how it relates to you in your own way. The dream dictionary can help give you an idea of how to interpret dreams symbolically though, which is a definite plus. Use the dream dictionaries to help you learn. There are plenty online.