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Hi, This is the first section of my sociology essay.It would be awesome if you could read it and tell me what you thinkANY help AT ALL will be appreciated. (no matter how obscure) Professors have told me that my written expression is poor, so I hope what I've written makes sense.In recent years there has been a high level of inequity in Australia’s education system. The level of government funding to private schools is the main issue concerning educators across Australia, particularly educators of the public system.The division of schooling into public and private systems has been the main facilitator of class conflict and ideological debate. The rising number of private school enrolments has added pressure to the debate. According to the ABS (2010) enrolments in non-government schools (independent and catholic) schools has increased by 20%, compared to government schools which have decreased by 4%. Donelly (2010) attributes this rise to non-government schools’ high literacy and numeracy standards, Year 12 exam results, student retention rates, and amount of students entering university. However, Bonner (2007) argues that the level of government funding towards non-government schools is proportionately higher than government schools. Indeed, the level of government expenditure on non-government schools exceeds government school expenditure by over $3 million. (Harrington, 2011) When a school receives more funding, it is likely that this will be spent on additional resources for students. A student’s ability to access certain resources usually determines their achievements and academic success. These resources include the breadth of courses, the amount of government funding, and the amount of extra curricula activities provided to their school. This essay serves a number of purposes. Firstly, this essay will compare and contrast the experiences of two former high school students. The data used is drawn from research surveys which were distributed to one government school student and one non-government school student. The public/private and government/non-government dichotomies will be used interchangeably. Secondly, the normative aspects of education will be discussed and reflect on the participants’ responses.

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    “…has been the main facilitator of class conflict and…” Facilitation usually eases a process, or aids a discussion…do you really mean “has been a main (or major) instigator of class conflict…”"Enrollments” is the correct spelling of that word.”A student’s ability to access certain resources usually “affects”… (“determined” means a causal relationship, which research does not back up. There is impact, but not a “determined” straight line relationship.)Your sample size is very small to draw conclusions from. Basically you have anecdotal reports that may or may not illustrate real trends and issues…you may need to address this.