Bless me ultima essay?

Analyze a character in the novel. You will answer these questions: how the characters personality revealed? What universal theme(wisdom, innocence, evil, purity, safety, etc) does the character symbolize? How did the character contribute ti the theme of the story?I have to write 5 paragraphs and I have not read. With 6 quotes.Due tomorrow.. what about a summary of what I should do. Help is greatly appreciated! Thank you

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  1. disacquaint says:

    Start reading and mark at least six quotes as you go. There is no short cut with these kind of questions as they are given specifically so that your teacher knows that you have read at least one book during the year.If you are going to continue English, then make sure you learn how to speed read. Actually your teacher has almost hand fed you by by pointing out the symbolisation you need to look out for.