Essay research – religion and the development of mankind (IB)?

HI :)I'm an IB student writing my extended essay in History. My working question is: "To what extent has religion hindered mankind's achievement of Utopia?"I'm struggling to find good research and form an argument.My supervisor suggested I choose two different religions in a historical time period and compare and contrast how close their societies are to 'the perfect world' (Utopia).ANY IDEAS?Pleeeeeease help!

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  1. confutations says:

    For one you could take a look at the USA c1776. Read the Bill of Rights and some writings of Benjamin Franklin and about the two Presidents called Adams. Get an idea of their ideals and of the dogmas of their form of Christianity.For another you could look at the Zionist movement from Theodore Herzog through to the election of the first Likud government in Israel. What were the early Zionists’ ideals of a Jewish state? Was there a secularist element to them? How far were these realized in the territory the Zionists controlled from 1948 to 1967 and called ‘Israel’? What about the ‘utopian’ ideals of the kibbutzim? Did they have any effect on Israel at large, if so what and for how long? How did the Jerusalem-based Orthodox and all the shades of ultra-Orthodox Judaism influence, distort, modify or control the secularist (?majority) in Israel? Was the election of the first Likud-led coalition a triumph for religion? Did its reforms move the actual experience of ordinary Israelis towards or away from your, or their own, or Herzog’s, ideas of an ideal Jewish state?If you want to be more diverse in your cultures studied, you could consider the impact of the ‘cult of the emperor’ in 1st century CE Roman Empire….. or the ideals of sanatan dharma and of Islam in India during the reign of the Emperor Ashoka.