Film class essay on Pulp Fiction?

I am to write a paper analyzing film techniques in one scene of my choice from pulp fiction. I have chosen the Jack Rabbit Slim restaurant scene from the moment they arrive in the car. Since it can only be one scene I am confused when the scene ends.Does the scene end when she leaves her table to "powder" her nose in the bathroom, or when they finish dancing in the contest?

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3 Answers to “Film class essay on Pulp Fiction?”

  1. treespeeler says:

    I would choose one scene within the overall Jack Rabbit scene. I think the options could consist of walking into the restaurant and the conversation at the table, the bathroom scene, or the end of the conversation transitioning to/into the dance scene. This movie is so full of impact that you could make a lot out of only one of these sub-scenes. Focus on the simple movements and conversations between characters and how that develops the overall theme of the scene and film. I’m sure you know what you’re doing. :) I hope this helped!

  2. sortably says:

    HA I love your choice! It is an awesome film, but I would say probably when Mia goes to “powder” her nose. Its a shame that you would miss out the great dancing. Good Luck with your paper! :D

  3. propagandas says:

    In the screenplay the scene ends when she goes to “powder” her nose.