How do i deal with my parents?

My parents are always annoying the crap out of me and stressing me out. On top of all honors classes i have to deal with them. What do i do when all they do is bug me about school and tell me to do more work. When im stressed i used to tell them and they told me that i shouldnt be because i dont have that much work anyways. WTF. I try to talk with them but theyre assholes and rant about schoolwork and stuff. I don't even tell them anymore.Then i try to relax myself by going somewhere quiet but im not allowed to do that either. Sometimes i go on my computer and play some video games to relax but my computer is near my moms and she doesnt let me do that. Im not allowed to listen to music either. what the hell am i supposed to do to relax. I asked to move my computer to my room because it makes it easier to do my work without my mom bitching but she said no ill just go in there all day to play video games. Also my mom is ******* paranoid and thinks that the second i sit down im playing video games. When im writing essays for school my mom thinks im playing video games too. It is getting ridiculous and i cant even do my ******* work cause she is so ******* annoying. what am i supposed to do about this.

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3 Answers to “How do i deal with my parents?”

  1. claudie says:

    Well crybaby, I think you should disown your parents, kick them out of their own home. You can manage to get along with your parents, you make it sound like it’s all your parents and not you. Be glad you have a roof over your head, food to eat and clothes to wear, what would you do if you didn’t have your parents. You pay no rent. Pal you got it made, Make the best of it and grow up.Be glad that your parents care about you.

  2. obtested says:

    Ah I know how you feel. My parents were that way all throughout high school. I’m not sure what school-level you are in whether it be college or something, but they’re only trying to help and it seems that they love you. Sometimes parents have to be tough so you don’t try taking advantage of the rights they give you (for example, using the computer) and well once I got my high school diploma my parents laid off and started giving me some freedom. Just keep working hard and I promise that it will pay off. Just keep in mind that after you graduate you can move out if you want and hopefully your parents will get off your case (:It may seem difficult but be thankful because some people’s parents could care less about their academic life hence they drop out and flunk their classes. You’re pretty lucky!

  3. mccowan says:

    Maybe you can go to one of your trusted teachers and talk to them. Try not to use foul language. Tell your teacher to write a note to your parents. Or make your teacher talk to your parents, you can also talk to your other family members. I know, my parents make me crazy too. I get the top grades, but they tell me to still study. Sometimes I get really pissed.But I still enjoy spending time with them. Try remembering some memerable moments you had with your parents. Me and my parents get along really well but we also have some bumpy roads.