How much do you procrastinate ?

Question for students mainly. I had the whole summer to do my work (got extension on deadline) now deadline is in 3 weeks, i still have one 5000 essay and 8000 words dissertation to write. research done but i need to write the damn thing. And I still procrastinate. its my final year at uni. this is crazy.

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5 Answers to “How much do you procrastinate ?”

  1. disfrocked says:

    I tend to procrastinate too….What works for me is breaking a huge project down into manageable chunks. Each time I conquer a chunk, I reward myself. It’s motivating and it works!

  2. kaliyug says:

    I always leave essays until the last weekend before they’re due in!

  3. exceder says:

    Too much, lol.Although, I always get my work done on time.

  4. microcolon says:

    im the same, procrastinated all the way through finals revision. you should try to set yourself targets – find a way to make yourself work productively. cut off the internet, switch off the tv!

  5. scriptx says:

    Way too much, sometimes to my financial cost. It will be the same for you if you do not burn the midnight oil and get this done. I have many times wished that I were better at self discipline. Some have the theory that people like us work better under great pressure: that could be true to a point, but …you better get going there.