Huck Finn essay question?

My AP English teacher assigned an essay outline to groups in my class. Using the outline, we're supposed to write an essay. I got assigned to write the second body paragraph. No, this question is NOT asking you to write my essay for me. I simply have a question.Here is the thesis statement: Through Huck's innocent point of view, we see the conflict between individual freedom in the natural world and the constraints society places on individuals in the civilized world.That's fine, and if I could make up my own body paragraph, I could, but this is the outline for my paragraph I was given:B. Huck's father1. Exploits Huck for his money2. Locks Huck in a cabin all day3. The new judge grants his father custody of Huck4. Huck is physically abused by his fatherMy problem: I don't understand how that outline relates to the thesis. If I'm writing about Hucks point of view, why am I talking about his Dad? I'm confused :/ Help please?

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  1. burps says:

    How Hucks dad/constraints of society conflict with Huck’s/Individual freedom in th natural world.

  2. bobbery says:

    Huck’s father (and the judge) represent society and social constraints. Money, lock-up, custody, and physical abuse are social constraints in the context of your report.

  3. ottobre says:

    It is the civilized world putting constraints on him. His home/father/judge life is the civilized world. It is society constraining and hurting him.I assume that someone else has a paragraph contrasting how the natural world sets him free.

  4. chiastic says:

    Hucks relationship with his father is very important – How does Huck feel about these things? How does it change Huck’s behavior?

  5. mumford says:

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  6. lowlier says:

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