I need some out of the ordinary/quirky argumentative essay topics to write about for English class.?

I need some topics/arguements which aren't overused and have enough information about to write an argumentative essay. I don't really want to write an essay in which the same topic or arguement has been done over and over again to a point where they all sound the same, yet I don't want to write about an obscure topic/arguement in which there's no proof/facts to back it up. Please help.

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    How about thisMedia such as bumfight videos are leading to an increase in violence and killing of homeless people. here’s one story to get you started. [external link] …

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    should the US be involved in other countries affairs or should it just take care of its self and maintain on its economy?

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    Is it better to live for the moment, or constantly set yourself up for the future?