Reasons to get a lip piercing?

Okay, 14 years old, I've wanted a lip piercing since I was 11. More specifically: snakebites.So I want to convince my semi-conservative parents to give me permission to get snakebites. They're okay with a lot of things (The fact I'm gay and stuff...), but only with stuff that's natural. They're against any kind of body art. Tattoos, piercings... the whole shebang ('cept for generic earrings).But the way I see it is that every body is a piece of art that can be tweaked and changed to fit the artist (the person inside the body :) ). My parents try to get me to draw as much as possible so I can become an artist. So I guess that could be a very solid reason.So besides using the "My body is a piece of art" reason, what other reasons could I use? (I'm planning on writing a two page (or more) essay on why I should/would/want to get snake bites.)

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4 Answers to “Reasons to get a lip piercing?”

  1. checkerwork says:

    cuz it is your body..your body is like your own temple..u do anything to make you feel having that piercing could make you feel better and confident [if that so] whatever you feel like want to do

  2. estelle says:

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  3. moraliz says:

    Ok! I have my nose and my belly button piercedand I have six tattoo’s and if you were my child I wouldn’t let you do this ether at 14 years old. I would make you wait until you were sixteen years old then I would sign. I know that you probably don’t want to hear this but you asked and I am telling you what I think. The reason why I am telling you this is that most young people change their minds. Just like my daughter and my self when we were your age. Also the way I see it you need them more than they need you and at this point in time. Also what is a couple of more years it will give you more time to really come up with something good. Good luck in what ever you do

  4. unmingling says:

    most parlors won’t pierce anyone under 16 even if they have parental consent, so wait two more years and then ask your parents again.EDIT:Sorry, i thought you were American for some reason. If those are the laws in Holland, then ask your parents, tell them about the piercing, the risks, how to take care of it, how it would make you feel better about yourself, how you’ll take on more responsibilities around the house/with the piercing, get good grades and such to prove that you’re mature and can handle a piercing.