Do the people in africa have a lot of vitamin d or not?

I have to do an essay on human skin, and I am very confused. People with dark skin have a lot of not a lot of vitamin d? and light skin people have a lot of not a lot? and during which seasons aren't good for each "race" ?

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2 Answers to “Do the people in africa have a lot of vitamin d or not?”

  1. skroz'l says:

    everyone has different levels. Skin color is not an indicator

  2. deatils says:

    Although their skin is darker, the sunlight one gets in Africa is obviously far, far higher than what you get up in Europe or in North-America. I’d say the amount of vitamin D they get through sunlight is about the same or higher as what Europeans would get.However, if they actually have more vitamin D I don’t quite know. More than sunlight plays a role – people in Europe/Americas tend to have a better diet than the average African, which could play a role.