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I am doing my essay outline.Please take a look and give me some tips.Thanks!Essay Topic-The effects of WW1 dramatically changed Canada.Topic sentence 1-Made Canada a Stronger Nation-Signs Treaty of Versailles-Allowed Women to Vote-Became an independent country.Topic Sentence 2-Changed social life of civillian.--Communities were destroyed due to loss of men.-Womens were accepted into mens job-Sense of togethernessTopic Sentence 3-Changed Canada economically -Increase manufacturing-Cost of war-Large Workforce

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  1. worshipability says:

    I don’t think WWI gave women the vote. It made us a more visible nation due to some successes; it forced us to organize our military and develop some military independence, it forced us to make our factories more efficient, forced Canadians to become more self reliant in order to safe expendables for the war effort.