How can I convince my parents to let me get a tattoo?

I'm 16 and I'll be turning 17 in late November. I've been asking my mom and step dad to let me get a tattoo for a while now. I don't really want to wait till I'm older. And they keep telling me no because they think I'm gonna regret getting it and all that jazz.I want to get a tattoo of anchor because it represents hope, faith, and steadfastness. Also, it relates to the earliest symbol in Christianity, and my family is very religious, so I think they would like it as well.How could I convince my parents to let me get this tattoo? I was thinking of writing a detailed essay on why but I need some more reasons. Help, please?

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6 Answers to “How can I convince my parents to let me get a tattoo?”

  1. reflectingly says:

    honestly, wait until you’re 18. if you don’t want it badly enough to wait a year for it then you’re not going to like it enough to have it on you forever

  2. nineteenthly says:

    [external link]

  3. hippocastanaceous says:

    Well considering you only have to wait a bit over 1 year to be able to get it anyway, you should just wait.Plan your tattoo.Finalize a design and have it for a while. Spend days looking at it, do you still want it exactly how it is 4 months down the road? If not why not? Change it.Dont look at it for ages and then go back to it, do you still want it how it is? But honestly, Christianity says that tattoos are a sin, so dont try to associate a tattoo to your religion as if its a good thing.The essay wont help, it will show you are really passionate and really really really want it right now. Which is unreasonable, it makes you seem like you are wrapped up in the idea and desperately feel like you need it. Which to me doesnt suggest the clear and level head needed before getting a tattoo

  4. ragseller says:

    Just do what i did and get it behind their backs. First thing i said when i got home was ” Mom you know i love you right” haha she was so pissed but didnt stay mad for long

  5. terpinol says:

    Im only 16 and i love my tattoo i didnt regret it because it was something that ment alot to me i think tattoos are a great way to express individuality tell them you’ll get it someone that is more easily hid-able one thing i used to convince my parents is that they would be able to laugh if i cried lol ( i didnt) and that i would pay for it my self, you can also say im going to get it as soon as you turn any way and it wont make a difference hope this helps and you can convince them

  6. parsonhood says:

    A detailed essay is a very impressive way of asking them. If that doesn’t work, there’s probably nothing else that will. Most parents are steadfast when it comes to tattoos. You can get one at 18. If you’re over 16 now that’s not that far away. See if you even still like the design by then.